Some of my recent articles in Blue Virginia, the Commonwealth’s #1 statewide progressive political blog:

9.10.2018: Here’s a Photo of Neo-Confederate Corey Stewart Campaigning with Barbara Comstock, Even as Comstock Dodges Questions on Whether She Supports Him or Not

08.15.2018: It’s Time to hold Barbara Comstock Accountable

07.11.2018: Front Group Touts Scott Taylor’s Fake Environmental Credentials; In Fact, Taylor Is Terrible on Energy, Enviro Issues

06.23.2018: I Really DO Care. Do You?

06.05.2018: Creeps on the ballot only a danger if they get elected

02.19.2018: Does Donald Trump think that Presidents’ Day is all about him?

02.09.2018: Rep. Barbara Comstock Pays Far-Right “News” Site to Post Positive Stories About Her. Sad!